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BeeOptions Broker Details


Welcome Bonus: 100% of deposit
Minimum Account Deposit: 250$
Min/Max Trade: 10$ – 3000$
Gains From Trades: 70% to 85%
Option Refund: 2% to 15%

USA Traders - Allowed
USA Phone (Toll free): +1-888-741-0055

Software: Spot Option
Languages: English, Francais, Espanol

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With an exponential increase in online trading, has much to offer for its investors. is one of the latest buzz specializing in binary options online trading. Though it is based in UK, US traders are also accepted. It claims to be the easiest and uncomplicated way to earn profits while investing in a binary option.


The diverse team at beeoptions provides first hand guidance that will help clients earn profits hands down. Beeoptions uses reliable financial software tool that ensures not only simplicity in operation but also high returns within minimum time besides being investor friendly. The navigation through is seamless and covers all areas an investor would look for.


Following points are worth giving a glimpse


· Beeoptions offers the lowest deposit of $200 only at the outset. This eliminates the risk factor and is apparently one of the best ways to get started.

· Beeoptions gives fast withdrawal facility when compared with the others. All withdrawals are processed same day and disbursed.

· The demo account that beeoptions offer is quite unique. With this one can get a feel of the platform before actually trading.

· The promotional offers are also very attractive at beeoptions. Be it the 100% welcome bonus or the weekly draws or 2 risk-free trades are all very inviting.

· Trading features include Long term options, One Touch and Pair options. The highlight is the 60 Second binary options and 30 Second binary options.


Beeoptions offers an e-book online which unveils critical facts about its overall operation. The ‘Binary Options Times’ blog flashes the latest news in the market, along with articles, editorials and market reviews. An excellent support team is available round the clock to address issues.


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For an investor looking to trade online in binary options, Beeoptions offers much more than the others in the field. Based at UK, Beeoptions is one of the easiest ways to earn profits when trading with binary options. The diversified team and the round-the-clock-support at Beeoptions work collectively towards maximizing the client’s profit and in minimizing risk.


BeeOptions Company Salient Features


At Beeoptions, all services are aligned to meet the trader’s needs in a binary option trading. The following can be considered in this regard.

· At the outset, Beeoptions offers the lowest deposit of $150 only, which is the best way to start an online trading

·  Withdrawal facility is fastest, that is, process and payout are made on the same day

·  To get a feel of the online trading a demo account is offered for the client

·  The100% welcome bonus offer, weekly draws and the ‘2 day risk free trade’ are among the other promotions that Beeoptions has in store for its clients.



BeeOptions Trading platform Review from the Experts


The trading platform used at Beeoptions is unique. Spotoption, which is approved by CySec, has joined hands with Beeoptions for providing a reliable platform offering latest tools in binary options trading. With this, bee option is able to offer its clients a wide range of assets to trade on. The features of trading are also very distinct.


The High/Low tool will educate how to trade in five easy steps. There are short term and long term trading options, the shortest being ‘60 Second Trades’ and the long term allows clients to maximize their returns. The ‘One Touch’ tool offers the investor to access markets round the clock. The ‘Pairs’ tool permits the client to pair up any asset against another and trade on the one that will close on top.


Learn How to Make Money Online With Beeoptions


As in most cases of online brokerages the best new way for a brokerage to advertise itself is by promising unreal returns. In most cases these testimonials are cooked up. The website usually promises to make your rich just by learning a few steps. This plays on the psyche of most people who are looking to make a quick buck. It also usually leads to disappointment.


Most of these sites make money out of membership fees or other gimmicks. This is also where Beeoptions sets itself apart as an online brokerage. The focus for Beetoptions is not just for members to make a quick buck, but to learn how to profit from the binary options markets. They don’t promise a onetime jackpot. Instead they believe in teaching you how to gain continuously from the options trading markets.


Learn the Ropes First

Beeoptions believes in educating its customers in the binary options markets. This is why their website is dedicated to training its members. Not many websites have as much training material on them as Beeoptions when it comes to the mentoring stage. From your first baby steps in the field of binary options to investing big stakes, Beeoptions has a step by step guide for everyone. This is also the reason people have gained confidence in this firm. Even their membership programs are designed so that people of different levels of knowledge can take as much, or as little risk as possible.


Use Tools Efficiently

Once you’ve learnt the basics of options trading, it becomes imperative that you also learn to keep yourself updated. Beeoptions allows you quite a bit of flexibility with expiry dates and other transactions. To fully appreciate this, one must leans to use the charts and tickers to the fullest advantage. The way to really make money on Beeoptions is to study the markets and learn how to use the data in gradual steps.


Binary Options Brokers Reviews


Binary options offered herein to a growing audience of private investors the opportunity to invest in major world markets. This mode of trading is attractive to people drawn to a result of all or nothing, which offers investors the security of knowing exactly from the start what could be the possible profits and losses.


One of the main advantages of binary options trading is that the return is determined in advance, so that investors are fully informed of what they will win or lose, before the time of expiration of the option. To collect benefits from a profit in binary options, all you have to do is finish in-the-money with only minimal variation of up to a dime, no matter if the movement of the underlying asset or small pointed out since his return always will be fixed regardless of whether the underlying asset has fluctuated strongly in the market.

Here are some following tips:


1) Customer Service, we work with a broker this to us, not help us to work with a broker who did not speak our language "unless we offer something better than another," because if we have a problem and will to fix it.


2) Type choices, depending on the type of options that we will negotiate, if we are to strive for a custom broker custom options that we offer, if we make trades 60 seconds 1 minute, we must look for a broker that offers this option.


3) Investment Minimum, this is very important, particularly investors with little capital, if we have very little capital, such as $ 100 is not advisable to work with a broker that offers maximum operations of $ 10 which means you can make up to 10 operations, we start with one of $ 25 we could only make 4 operation.


4) Forms of deposit, although almost all regulated binary options brokers have the same form of deposit, PAYPAL, MONEYBOOKERS, VISA OR MASTERCARD CARD, BANK TRANSFER may be some regulated binary options brokers do not have this option, so it would be important like us to focus on that.